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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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all get things done if we all work together it was my honor to help that u.s. marine. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i will use the word anchor baby. excuse me i will use the word anchor baby. >> the "new york times" calling donald trump's immigration stance despicable. we will tell you what's really going on with this controversy. >> personal responsibility has to be taught. >> i agree personal responsibility very important. >> that's right. you can't continue to have 75% of black babies being born out of wedlock. >> one of the supporters of the black lives matter movement enters the no spin zone for a no holds barred q and a. don't miss this one. >> we're are out here all alone, you are not going to do anything crazy to me, are you? ♪ >> you never know what's going to happen in the woods. >> also ahead, jesse watters
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with the best of watters world, the summer addition. >> bill, i love you. fire this guy. [ laughter ] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. trumpians versus democrats. that is is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as i mentioned earlier this week, donald trump really isn't a republican. is he a trumpian. he has an absolutely no interest in what the grand ole party says. is he a man on a mission, marching to his own beat. and trump's timing is good because this presidential cycle should spell doom for the democratic party. it is so far left most americans are appalled. some facts. despite spending trillions trying to redistribute
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wealth the poverty rate for blacks, women and other groups has gone up since president obama took office. by making it more difficult for private enterprise to make money, high taxes, constricting regulation, the democrats have actually harmed the poor and stifled the middle class. the economy is anything but vibrant. overseas, most americans believe the iranian nuke deal is bad. isis continues to run wild, committing atrocities all over the place. iraq has collapsed, afghanistan may follow. ukraine has been battered by putin. the middle east one giant mess. all on president obama's watch. here at home, democrats oppose keeping illegal immigrants out of the u.s.a. by building an effective wall. they support american taxpayers funding federal and state entitlements for undocumented folks. even as the national debt approaches $20 trillion. democrats oppose holding foreign nationals who defy deportation and commit violent crimes responsible. that's the kate's law deal. dems even oppose
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investigating planned parenthood for alleged illegal activities by selling the organs of babies. democrats support leniency for dangerous drug dealers calling them nonviolent. the list of craziness goes on and on. all of those things should make it easy for the republicans to win the presidency in 2016. but you that is not how things are shaking down. donald trump has bludgeoned the g.o.p. establishment by seizing a number of emotional issues that conservatives are furious about. his brand of straight talk blows traditional politicians away making them seem small and dull. but that may be good news for the democrats. because the g.o.p. may have a very hard time coming together when the nominee is selected. also, there is an over-the-top element to trump's rhetoric and support. as we have reported, there is no question the supreme court decisions have upheld that portion of the 14th
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amendment that says any person, any person born in the u.s.a. is entitled to citizenship. the case is u.s. versus juan kim arc and irs vs. -- both gave the supremes a chance to refute the 14th amendment which says all persons born of naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united states. the supreme court clearly upheld the wording in both cases. and even though some are trying to pars the amendment, they will fail and it's a waist of -- waste of time. it also gives the left ammunition. the "new york times" today demonizing the republican party over trump's immigration plan which the "times" calls despicable. the left hoping to turn defeat into victory by playing the race card and portraying trump and the entire republican party as racist brutalizers. now, there is a way to
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legally revoke the anchor baby law and it should be done as that law is undermining federal immigration. but you there is also a way for republicans to lose the upcoming election if they out extheir far left counterparts. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from washington david ripken an attorney that served in the reagan the bush elder generations and from berkeley california john u. teaches law at the university of california. i am going to begin with you. i don't know whether you listen to talk radio but a lot of these guys are saying the 14th amendment doesn't say that and it's the jurisdiction thereof. and, you know they are basically saying that the supreme court is misinterpreted this amendment for 150 years. what do you say about that? >> i think those hosts and donald trump are flat wrong. as you said in your talking points memo, the text of the 14th amendment is clear. it says all persons born or naturalized in the united states are subject to the
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jurisdiction thereof are citizens. this is not just the 14th amendment. this has been the rule in american history since the founding of the republic. the 14th amendment was really just reversing one of the great stains of constitutional law, which was dred scott, where roger tawney in one of the cases that precipitated the civil war said that congress could pick and choose who to make citizens or not even though they were born here and notoriously the supreme court said free blacks could not be citizens. >> what is the jurisdiction thereof? what does that mean? because that's what the people are seizing upon to say everybody is wrong about the supreme court but them. >> that's a good question. i mean, the phrase you are subject to the jurisdiction thereof, also was just codifying common law practice from the beginning of the country which meant to exclude the children of diplomats. the children of enemy soldiers on our territory. the biggest category then would have been indian tribes because indian tribes were on our territory. but they weren't subject to the jurisdiction of the united states. >> so right now it's some
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people who live in embassies, they are the ones not subject to u.s. law. people who live on native american reservations, they have their own constitution. and a few other exceptions. that's why that -- now, do you concur with that, mr. ripken? >> absolutely. let me point out this is one of the provisions of the constitution who is a regional public meaning which matters for those of us who are conservatives is clear. let me just say that during their debate over the measure that became the 14th amendment, the house came in with a language that did not have this language. in the senate, it was introduced by senator jacob howard. both proponents and opponents of this language understood what it meant. it was interesting because the political hot potato at the time was what to do with the chinese laborers who were building railroads. so the opponents of this language were pointing out that if it passed, children born to the chinese nationals in this country would become u.s. citizens. >> let me just stop you there and that's the first case that i cited because a child who is born to a
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chinese laborer and as you rightly pointed out they built the railroads went back to china and then tried to come back to the u.s.a. and they wouldn't let him back in. he sued and it went to the supreme court. you can't bar me. i'm an american citizen born here even though my parents weren't. and the supreme court clearly ruled that he was. but let's move it ahead now. mr. hugh, do you understand my point that the "new york times" and other -- and i'm going to call them far left because i do believe the paper is. >> yes. >> they are going to use this nativism, this anchor babies, you have got to throw them out and mass deportations, they are going to use this to say you can't give power to conservative republicans, donald trump, whatever. are they not? >> i agree. you know politics much better than i do, but you if i were a democrat, that's what i would do. it's a waste of time, the constitution is not going to be amended to do this. and all it does is they could say it's returning us back to the terrible times of dred scott and the
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precivil war period. that's why we i-the 14th amendment is one of the great achievements of the republican party to make clear that everybody born in this country is a free citizen. >> so do you feel trump is making a mistake by harper on this? >> i agree with you i don't think trump is a a republican. i think he is ruining the republican party and is he opening a huge wedge issue for democrats. >> i disagree with you a little bit there. i think he is helping the republican party in some ways. but i think he has got to be careful because the nativist sentiment can be turned around. >> you always see the good in people. >> when you have round up babies and throw them out of here, i mean, that's not going to work to any party's advantage. mr. rivkin do you see a danger it goes over the top and helps democrats. >> i do. to the extents we have a number of republican presidential candidates most prominently jeb bush taking a robust position against this. this is a wonderful opportunity to differentiate
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themselves from the rest of the pack. it depends on how this plays. >> it's interesting you say that because right coming up, we have marco rubio and we are going to ask him exactly this question. gentlemen, very interesting. we appreciate you coming on this evening. next on the rundown, senator rubio on the white hot immigration controversy. and later the best of watters world summer edition. up ahead. (vo) after 50 years of designing
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know better sleep with sleep number. continuing now with our lead story, the clash of politics over the illegal immigration situation. joining us from detroit, presidential contender marco rubio who gave a big economic address earlier today. first senator anchor babies, should that law be repealed? >> well, you are talking about the isth amendment. i do in the support repealing it. number one, i don't think we can. and, number two, while there is some interesting debate going on, as i think you pointed out in your earlier
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segment about jurisdiction thereof that whole legalistic question the prevailing belief is that, in fact, it says that anyone who is born in the territory of the united states, irrespective of the status of their parents, unless they are diplomats, are u.s. citizens. and that's not going to change and i don't support changing that. >> isn't the an consider baby law destructive to the country because there are people sneaking in here for the soul -- sole purpose of giving birth so their babies and themselves and their extended family because you know how the immigration system works are here. isn't it a big ruse and, if so, why should we continue to have it? senator vitter from louisiana -- >> -- that is a legitimate. >> okay, go. >> so that's a legitimate issue. let me tell you i, of course, have read about how that is happening from california. people coming from china. wealthy people to have children to have u.s. citizenship. they are hedging their bets if something goes wrong in china they can bring them back here. i you see he it in south florida where i live. i'm not talking about poor
5:15 pm
people. these are wealthy families come in 8 and a half months pregnant from latin america, they go to the hospital and have a child for u.s. citizenship. they go back to their country of origin they are hedging their bets if something goes wrong they have citizenship. i have said i'm open to exploring ways people deliberately come here to have a child. i don't know how do you that 14th amendment. >> you have to pass a new law president obama will never sign it if it's a republican thing. then you have to take it up the chain and see how you can do it. it's certainly a bad thing, the anchor baby is not helping anybody. certainly not the rule of law. now, trump is winning in all the polls right now. it's august. but, still, a formidable some of his supporters, not all, but some, are very extreme people. and we see the far left, how extreme the democratic party has gone. i just -- i ticked it off on how many crazy things that
5:16 pm
these people are supporting. i see a danger that the republican party may lurch into this nativist movement and hurt itself. do you see a danger there? >> well, look. in 2008, 2010, and 2014, the american people voted to change things and nothing has changed. so they are angry about it and he has tapped into that anger. that anger should serve to motivate us to actually start doing something in this country. we can't allow anger to define us. it should motivate us to taking these issues seriously. it should not define the republican party or our nation. this is not an angry country. this is by nature an optimistic country people always looking forward to the future. i understand why people are upset. i, myself, was elected in 2010 at a time of great frustration and i sat in the senate for four and a half years and watched. nothing happened. it's deeply frustrating. it's one of the reasons why i'm leaving the senate and running for president. i have got to tell you we can't let anger define us because anger doesn't solve problems. >> how do you and the other candidates, none of whom
5:17 pm
approach donald trump's bombast, christie would probably be closest. how do you overcome the emotion that he is bringing to the race? and the -- people are identifying with his anger. how do you overcome that? >> first of all, well, i disagree with his statement that he is going to make america great. i think america is great. you know how i know it's great? you don't have american refugees winding up on the shores of other country. you actually want their children to be born here. they actually want that citizenship we just talked about a minute ago. america is a great country. the issue is we could be greater. we are not fulfilling our potential. >> it's going to be hard for you to get that message through because he. >> that's the only message -- >> -- he is tapping into that emotion. i know you give a big economic speech. you have got 30 seconds. what was the headline of your economic speech today? >> well, of the headline is what i said. you know, i want this to continue to be a country where people can do for their children what my parents did for me. that is give me a chance to
5:18 pm
achieve a better life for them and the american dream. to do that we have to embrace the new economy. we have to confront its challenges but we have to embrace its opportunities. and, if we do, we are going to have a 21st century even more prosperous than the 21st century and america will be leading the way. >> marketplace guy, lowered taxes, less regulation, let the free marketplace roar. is that what you are? >> not just that not just that we need to revolutionize higher education. we can't keep graduating people with student loans and degrees that don't lead to jobs in the 21st century. >> all right, senator. welcome any time. directly ahead, pressure mounting on hillary clinton on the email situation. monica crowley says president obama actually wants mrs. clinton out of the race. can monica back it up? factor is coming right back. of the mercedes-benz you've always wanted. but you better get here fast... yay, daddy's here!
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campaign 2016 segment tonight, new polling numbers from quinnipiac. in florida, 37% of registered voters have a favorable opinion right now of hillary clinton. 55% don't like her. ohio, 36% like, 54% don't. in pennsylvania, 38% like, 55% don't. on trustworthiness, 64% of floridians say they don't trust secretary clinton. 60% of ohioans don't trust her. 63% of pennsylvaniaians, no trust. joining us now from las vegas, ed henry is covering the clinton campaign for us. first of all, before we get to that, are they mad at you, the clinton people for asking the secretary if she scrubbed her server? are you getting the cold shoulder now? >> did i not get the cold shoulder. i got a phone call about two minutes after that phone call conferences. it got a little heated and tense. the phone call went pretty well. they basically said we think
5:23 pm
the questions were fair. what i think they are upset about were the answers, frankly, because they were very direct and i think fair questions and i think most people who have asked this underly did you wipe the server or not. hillary could not give a yes or no. >> she said with a cloth, she wanted you to walk her through it. the phone call, you got a phone call from whom? >> one of her top advisors. >> don't worry, ed, we are not mad at you, it was legitimate questioning our candidate didn't answer very well? did he he say that? >> he didn't say that directly. it's more after these kinds of news conferences happens at the white house, too. there will be some post game and sometimes they will really chew you out and say, you know, that was really unfair. if there is one part of your question, one premise that's off, they are going to come down on you like a ton of bricks. it's happened in the obama white house. it happened when i covered the bush white house to be fair. in this case they did not come at me with anything specific. all i heard in a direct conversation can, all i
5:24 pm
heard later was they were saying well, the questions weren't really salient because we had already indicated the clinton camp was saying through one of their attorneys a couple months ago that the server had been wiped. >> i wouldn't listen to that. >> if we knew that why doesn't couldn't she answer it. >> somebody else answer it for her she is the candidate and you are the coverage guy and you asked the candidate to answer and she didn't. okay, now, in this same quinnipiac poll we showed, joe biden performed better than hillary clinton against the republican contenders, but that doesn't really mean anything now. in of in fact these polls don't mean much that hillary clinton isn't doings well in 2016. that could go either way, right? >> it okay what you are seeing with joe biden too, every candidate, democratic or republican looks a heck of a lot better before they get into race. right now people saying joe biden there is a sympathy
5:25 pm
factor. his son died at such an early edge. his political opponents are saying he needs time to think through. this there is also the factor of people saying look, compared to hillary clinton, this is somebody who not only has a record but, you know, he is seen as somebody who connects with voters. that's our other issue. it's not just honest and trustworthiness. she can't connect with voters. >> i haven't seen joe biden in three and a half years. does he still work for the federal government? i don't see too much. >> as people dig in here they are going to see has he been tested as vice president? he has also within tested and failed some times. he is gaffe prone. he doesn't have any money. >> if he runs against trump, i'm going to love that. that will be the best. ms. monica crowley, you love her, right? >> yes. >> she is going to come up in a few minutes and say barack obama doesn't want hillary clinton to run i have heard that theory. do you think there is any credibility to it?
5:26 pm
>> monica and i have gone back and forth off the air about this. i'm not convinced that the obama white house is orchestrating all of this. in terms of going after hillary clinton with the investigation. first of all, we need to see where this investigation goes. >> that would be -- they don't really do that. like him or not, president obama pretty clean show as far as we know. i mean, obviously, the irs wasn't investigated and fast and furious and all of that was done, but, you know, if he were to get involved with hillary clinton, that would be big. so, all right, well, let ms. monica make her case. i don't want to poison the well. i did want to know if you had any heads up on it. >> it's great. it's hard for hillary clinton to say this is a partisan investigation though. you have got the fbi involved and it's the obama jub department. >> i don't care what she says at this point. let's just find out what the fbi knows. right? >> i have got a pocket hankie if she wants -- server. >> i know. don't make fun of her, ed. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this
5:27 pm
evening. monica crowley has mentioned saying president obama doesn't want hillary to run. can she back that up? but next, the black lives matter supporter enters the no spin zone. what do these folks really want? why are they bothering us? we hope you stay tuned to those reports. music ♪ are you ready to go grab life by the gills. would you like to make an investment you know will pay off? then you belong at bass pro shops. where great gear, great prices and the great outdoors all meet up.
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both parties over perceived white supremacy. now, it's hard to tell what the end game is here. but from what i have seen the black lives matter crew is really about money, represent poor rations for past injustice. earlier this week our pal, dr. cornell west, very sympathetic to black lives matter, talked with me about race. >> all right, professor, i want you to react to something thomas sowell wrote you know him african-american syndicated columnist. he says, quote a salute to bill o'reilly for being one of the few people in the media to talk plain common sense about the disintegrations of the black family and the resulting social problems that follow. so, i want you guys in the black lives matter movement to join me all right. instead of directing your ire toward the large err side of the problem of african-americans, let's get into the family fabric first: try to solve that and then go back to the other thing. are you on board?
5:32 pm
>> >> we do have to begin with the system. certainly the internal challenge, black self-love, black self-respect of sustaining a family, sustaining community, jobs with a living wage with decent housing, with quality education. you can't overlook the white supremacy, bill, you know it's coming. >> see, you know i don't buy that the white supremacy movement. >> the legacy of it i'm talking about. the legacy of white supremacy. >> irish have legacy. you can do that with every race. >> oh, no, no. ethnicity, civil war over white supremacy. didn't have civil war over irish brothers and sisters. >> the irish were brutalized by the british and to that day that resonates. we have to look forward. are you a socialist? are you like bernie sanders you are a socialist? you want the government to barvelgly seize assets and redistribute? is that what you want? >> i am a revolutionary christian who looks at the world through the vantage
5:33 pm
point of the weak and the vulnerable. so it's not a matter of isms. i want to make sure each person made in the image of god is able to live a life of decency. >> that takes resources. >> you can't do it when 40% of your children black or brown living in poverty. yes we is have got to eliminate poverty. >> by elimination of poverty you want to take from those who have and then give to those who have not, correct? >> well,. >> is that correct or not, professor? >> you know, we have got to put it in context there has already been a redistribution from wealth. >> this is just justice you want? >> no. we want. >> do you want to take from me and i'm totally innocent about the historical stuff. i'm totally innocent. you want to take my stuff and give it to other people because of what may have happened in the historical past. >> the government has already taken from you in terms of taxes. >> they have. they take a lot. >> goes to the military rather than to quality education, quality jobs and so forth. >> a dangerous
5:34 pm
world. you have to protect all people. >> we don't need 54% of every dollar. >> that's what you see but i know danger. >> you talk about the waste. >> i hate the waste. >> we agree this that regard. >> do you like cuba. >> no cuba is too authoritarian. i heard you say the other day when you talked about bernie sanders he wants to take your house away and leave you with the flag. that sounds like in 2008 in terms of the financial catastrophe and capitalist yeed on wall street. >> i hate capitalist greed. bernie is a socialist. >> i am a democratic socialist. my identity is revolutionary christian who looks at the eyes through the poor and working class. >> i want to help the poor and working class. >> combat and that's it. you want to help the class after it trickles down with the 1%. >> no, no. i want a dual process of fair economic system. i'm for the raising of the minimum wage. but personal responsibility
5:35 pm
has to be taught. >> i agree personal spansability is very important. i agree with that. >> you can't continue to have 75% of black babies being born out of wedlock. you can't. >> 35 white babies out of wedlock. >> that doesn't matter. you are deflecting the big problem. >> i'm talking about it's a systemic problem. you started the dialogue with brother sowell personal responsibility, family. you say wait a minute, you have got is% of the population have 42% of the wealth. they used to have 20%. that's redistribution of wealth upwards. upward. >> as african-americans become more educated and become more sophisticated in the marketplace, that gap will shrink. you forcing it to shrink will never work. it never has worked. last word. >> what evidence do you have in terms of the free market functioning inequality is reduced? you don't have evidence of
5:36 pm
that. >> because poor in america live better than most other middle class in the world. >> the history of irish brothers and sisters in america is, what? tied to the public fear, policemen, firemen, moving into mayorship, moving into politics. >> right. >> i want that for african-americans, too. the same thing. >> free market. >> sure it was. it was education. it was family structure. it was a sense of responsibility, and that's how the irish american moved up. last word? >> we have still got irish brothers and sisters locked in poverty. >> in the bible the poor will always be with with us. >> what jesus said is what you do for the least of these you do for me. >> that's right. and we all try to do what what e can. always a pleasure to talk with you, professor. >> stay strong. >> when we come right back, monica crowley saying president obama wants hillary clinton out of the race. wow. moments away. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts,
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thanks for staying with with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the impact segment tonight. new column by monica crowley who writes for "the washington times" in addition to analyzing stuff for fnc. she says president obama does not want hillary clinton to be president.
5:41 pm
whoa, but can monica crowley you back that up? here is she is in new york city for meghan mccain and kirsten powers tonight. >> long history of bad blood between the clintons and the obama mass. more important reason why the president does not want hillary clinton to be the nominee or president. barack obama has been joking for seven years about wanting a third term. the only way he can get that third term is by installing somebody he can control. that would be his vice president. he knows he cannot control bill. he certainly cannot control hillary. >> now we are in to dr. evil conspiracy theory. >> no it is not. have you just met this president, bill? >> you know, look, i have to tell you, number one, president obama doesn't want anything blowing back on him. i don't think he is going to make any overt moves in this campaign. he doesn't. >> he doesn't have to. >> number two, from my vantage point, he wants to make $85 million. he is already setting up a foundation that apess that's
5:42 pm
imitates the foundation. >> this could be the watergate of our generation it will reflect on him. >> how? >> i completely agree with monica. she did this under his watch this was allowed to happen. >> he has cover because he told them and she signed a paper saying she wouldn't do it. it still reflects on him. like monica said there is years of bad blood between these two families. huge enthusiasm gap. >> i don't think is he enthusiastic. i don't think obama wants her to win. >> what ms. monica is saying so that everybody understands obama is working quietly behind the scenes. >> he is taking her out. >> he is he like don. >> may i make an important point here. >> important points we like. >> in this investigation no investigation goes forward unless barack obama wants it to go forward. irs, benghazi, fast and furious, the v.a. he has expressed outrage about that saying i'm going to get to the bottom of it all the investigations have been stonewalled. the reason you get leak
5:43 pm
after leak, bill, is because the white house wants you to know what is happening here. and, remember, the original story about -- >> -- how do you know that though? >> the original story in the "new york times" about six months ago that she had a private email and server came from the white house. >> but the important part is there is such an enthusiasm gap. bernie sanders has 28,000 people at her rallies. hillary at her largest has 5,000. he wants a third term. joe biden is likeable in a way. >> i think he is promising everybody a buick when they show up. >> i don't believe people actually know. >> kind of like oprah. let me say one thing here. look, barack obama, all right, if in order for him to be the puppet master that you are portraying him to be, all right? , risks an enormous amount of blow back by the clinton people themselves, all right, to understand that the podesta and all of these killers, who work for hillary clinton, if they thought obama was behind it, they would rip him up. >> you are talking about the president of the united states. >> yes.
5:44 pm
>> who has the department of justice and the fbi at his finger tips. >> oh. >> the clintons are largely irrelevant. by the way there is a headline that there is a top obama staff now going to it the draft biden movement. >> draft biden. >> the draft biden is coming from the obama white house. >> don't forget how likeable he is. >> who is likeable? >> joe biden. >> biden is likeable? >> much more so than hillary clinton. >> i haven't seen him as i mentioned in four years. i didn't know he still worked for the government. >> every day the american government has more and more reason to dislike and distrust. >> i'm not sticking up for anybody here. you heard ms. monica and ms. megan. >> in a couple of weeks. >> i will be more than happy to do that. >> i don't think he is being conspiracy theirist. >> fur right i will on this show admit it. now, in nevada, at the west career and technical academy, it's a high school, 16-year-old girl, junior, wanted to form a pro-life club. the school, and the school
5:45 pm
district said you can not do it. roll the tape. >> i'm a very passionate pro-life are. he i have studied a lot about abortion. and i know the real facts behind it. and i really wanted to educate other people about what it really does to women feels her freedom of speech is being violated. >> i think everyone wants freedom of speech and freedom of expression until it comes to pro-life. i think she has every life to do this. there is a bible club. there is lbgt club at this school. right now, in the wake of these planned planned parenthood barbaric horrific videos that have come out it's obvious. >> in the context of that they have clubs that specialize in certain things, certainly nobody has to join the club, right? >> she also met all of the
5:46 pm
criteria. they had a faculty advisor. they had many members who wanted to join this club so she met the criteria. the school gave her some b.s. response about well the issue is controversial. other people can speak to this with more authority. >> they said it was controversial. >> good for her for fighting back because this is the left. >> too controversial were the litmus test for high schools i wouldn't have gotten in anywhere. i would just be wandering around. the girl's name is angelique clark. we all concur she is correct and we expect her to win. ladies, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> on deck, the best of watters world. that might be an oxymoron. hot weather edition. jesse is next.
5:47 pm
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tonight waters world. after a very few intense days politically, i thought it would be fun to take a look back at some bizarre stuff he's accumulated over the summer. the warm weather edition, the best of waters world. ♪ >> is gay okay? >> gay is fine >> can i say someone dresses gay? >> no, i wouldn't. i mean it's just offense i. >> what if you say that person dresses gay. >> that bothers me. >> nice ascot. >> i guess what does dressing gay look like. >> you know when you see it. >> if you're referring to like, oh, that's gay, that's almost like saying oh, that's retarded. >> you guys pluck like grownups. >> i can call someone fat? >> i think people's bodies are
5:51 pm
something that's off limits. >> that boy is a p-i-g, pig. >> the term terrorist could be associated to anyone being a terrorist. you pointing questions at me, i could say you're a terrorist. >> you want to water board me? ♪ >> there's association in this country of islamic people with terrorists in general. ♪ >> how long have you been around here? >> i've been living here 45 years. i live at the edge of the wilderness and i have declared it a nature spirit party zone. we all have so many dragonflies, hummingbirds, the falcons, the condors.
5:52 pm
>> [ bleep ]. >> yes ear out here all alone. you're not going to do anything crazy to me, are you? >> you never know what is going to happen in the woods. >> this is ridiculous. >> are you yours age thinker. >>? eating off the land, not eating animals. >> what do you do on a daily basis. >> take care of many plants. >> the good stuff. >> oh, yes. >> how much does this cost? >> that is $250. ♪ >> i didn't think i would find something so patriotic. >> absolutely. >> do you have a confederate flag one like this? what are you doing here today? >> this is actually what we're using to quantify the effects of cannabis. >> you look like the guy from "weird science". >> by the way, why are we wearing braus on our head. >> in congress gets as much fun
5:53 pm
as our congress. >> what does cannabis help you with? >> i feel so good, so much energy. >> do you smoke marijuana? >> yes. >> how often? >> twice a week. >> i don't like alcohol so when i go home, this is my cup of wine. >> do you smoke recreationally. >> right now i'm on parole. i can't smoke. >> tough break. >> yes. >> do you think america should become more like amsterdam. >>? america could be open to the idea that it's good for everybody. >> are we going to bring in the prostitutes next. >> do you watch watters world? >> no. >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. >> hey. >> anything you want to tell bill. >> bill, i love you. fire this guy. >> all right. watters will be anchoring the factor tomorrow. you have been warned.
5:54 pm
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factor tip of the day. a viewer helps me get water out of my head in a moment. but first, another reminder that bill o' gremlin is being completely irresponsible by giving everybody big discounts on my books against my will. and premier members get double discounts. we're handing you these brilliant pieces of work. big summer sale on other stuff on the website. stocking up on future gifts, a smart economic move, all the money i derive from bill o' given to charity. darlene from las vegas, i sure wish you would not attack people you disagree with. you would not let andrea speak. andrea had her say and was not
5:57 pm
attacked. disagreement is not an attack mechanism. i did interrupt them both when they dodged the fact that in 1985 the supreme court said all babies born in the usa are citizens. both andrea and lou wanted to talk about the intent to have 14th amendment, not the court decisions. when stuff like that happens, i recalls bring the guest back to the question presented. david batson, college station, texas, the supreme court has upheld that babies are the american citizens but can the parent bs deported. sure. the law allows a that. as stated the best way to stop the anchor baby problem is start a new law. scottsdale, arizona, bill, we need to hear more about the
5:58 pm
iran deal. it doesn't matter what does. it i'm symbolic. mr. obama has the power to make the deal unilateral. john williams, o'reilly you nailed it. disappointed in the senator, john? when kate steinle was murdered in san francisco, the senator was angry and i thought she would do the right thing on case law. still hoping she will. but her failure to stand up on the issue speaks volumes. >> john, brick new jersey is it possible that hillary clinton did not have textual relations with her server? bob from atlanta, you never come here. you have something about atlanta, o'reilly? we'll be back next year. in the meantime, everybody can catch the madness, chicago at the rose month, florida hard
5:59 pm
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writing a factor. please remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, the dae mon nigh zags of donald trump. as liberal news outlets slam mr. trump's controversial immigration plan, it seems some voters think the media is getting it wrong. good evening, welcome to the kelly file. i'm in for megyn kelly. trump was in new hampshire last night for his first q and a with voters where he wasted no time. bit right citizen to the wall he's proposing to build along our southern border. his supporters cheered at almost every word. but certain news outlets have a different take, very different take. trump's plan would wreak havoc on u.s. society, the was